Exhibitors Terms and Conditions


Exhibitors are responsible for making their own hotel reservations and are not required to stay at the Sheraton Sand Key although recommended. Trxade has secured a block of rooms available for sponsorship levels that include a room/suite. Reservations should be made by September 30th, 2018, to ensure rooms.


A minimum of a 50% deposit must accompany this application. All reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. Trxade Inc. reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the best interest of the Conference.

Payment in full must be received by September 30th, 2018.


No refund will be made for cancellations or failure to show. No refunds will be given for unused space or for space that is only used during a portion of the Conference.


All exhibitors must register at the Trxade Inc. registration desk. Registration will be available Thursday, November 8th from

4 pm – 9 pm and Friday, November 9th from 7 am – 10 am. All exhibitors must register prior to the beginning of the Conference.


Exhibitors are permitted to promote products, equipment and/or services, as well as distribute product samples and literature. Such items may only be distributed within the booth space assigned to the exhibitor presenting such material. Organizations not assigned a booth space will not be permitted to solicit business.


Exhibitors must follow Trxade Inc. guidelines and schedules. No dismantling may take place prior to the closing of the Conference. Dismantling before the Conference ends is disruptive and highly discouraged and may result in not being invited back to future events.


By signing this application, you grant Trxade Inc. your consent and release for an interview, photographing, videotaping, testimonial and/or website use. This includes all people who accompany you.


Trxade Inc. does not guarantee against loss or damage of any kind. The Exhibitor shall understand that neither Trxade Inc. or the Sheraton Sand Key maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain such insurance. Any claims against any party other than Trxade are to be submitted to the party involved


Exhibitors are liable for damage to the property; no material or matter of any kind shall be posted, tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the buildings and furnishings. Whatever may be necessary to protect the building, equipment or furniture will be installed at the exhibitor’s expense. Painting in the space is prohibited.

The cost of repairing and damage to the facility caused by the exhibitor, its employees, representatives or agents will be billed to and paid by the exhibitor.


Should the premises in which the conference is to be held become, in the sole judgment of Trxade Inc., unfit for occupancy, or should the Conference be materially interfered with by reason of action of the elements, strike picketing, boycott, embargo, injunction, war, riot, emergency declared by a governmental agency or any other act beyond the control of Trxade Inc., the contract for exhibit space may be terminated. Trxade Inc. will not incur liability for damages sustained by exhibitors as a result of such termination. In the event of such termination, the exhibitors expressly waive such liability and release Trxade Inc. of and from all claims for damages and agree that Trxade Inc. shall not have obligation except to refund to exhibitors a prorated share of the aggregate amounts received by Trxade Inc. as a rental for exhibit spaces for said exhibits after deducting all costs and expenses in connection with such exhibits, including reasonable reserves for claims, such deduction being hereby specifically agreed to by the exhibitor.


Trxade reserves the right to make changes to these rules. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to change at the decision of Trxade Inc.

Sandy Ajjarapu

Project Manager, Core Conference Committee

Please contact Sandy Ajjarapu in Corporate Services with any questions.


1-888-527-2726 or 727-220-4418