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Welcome to the home of the 2018 Trxade Annual Conference. We are excited to celebrate and share our passion for the independent pharmacies with our annual “Independent Innovations” conference held this year in beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida. Join us and your peers as we offer opportunities and strategies to prepare you for the future of pharmaceuticals. Learn new techniques from practitioners on how to grow your Pharmacy business while taking advantage of industry-leading CE training from passionate speakers with their only focus being you, the Independent Pharmacy.

 Future of Pharmacy

Kevin Sneed, PharmD, RPh

Topics and Speakers For 2018 Trxade Annual Conference

Join us this year as we embrace the future of pharmacies together and welcome renowned speakers of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to the 2018 Trxade Annual Conference. Our goal is to provide you with valuable techniques that will positively affect your Independent Pharmacy through our multiple CE courses offering up to 10 CE credit hours. Below is a list of some of the topics that will be discussed during this year’s conference.

 DIR Fee Mitigation

Nick Brooke

Succession Planning

Lawrence Barrett, ChFC

Specialty Retail 

Rinku A. Patel, PharmD

Being Properly Capitalized

Jimmy Neil, MBA

PBM Audits

Joseph Bogdan, Pharm. D., J.D.

CBD & Hemp Panel

Pollack, Mechoulam, Capano

DEA Inspection

Carlos M. Aquino

What They Didn’t Teach You 

Karin Grablin


David P. Mackarey, RPh.

FDA: Jurisdiction Assertion

Jeffrey S. Baird

2018 Trxade Annual Conference

The Future of Independent Pharmacies

  • ROI

  • Action Plan

  • Network

  • CE’s

  • Key Speakers

Why You Should Attend 

  1. Learn industry trends and how they are implemented
  2. Develop actionable ideas and yield an ROI
  3. Invest in yourself, grow, and challenge yourself
  4. Stay ahead of the curve
  5. Learn beyond your field of interest
  6. Renew your excitement about the work you do
  7. Meet online friends and colleagues face to face
  8. Evaluate new vendors & technology
  9. Make connections with industry leaders
  10. Get out of the office and have a change of scenery





Some of the exhibitors for 2018

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